Pitirim A. Sorokin (1889-1968): Pioneer and Pariah

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Altruism: New perspectives of research on a classical theme in sociology of morality
Since coined by Comte, altruism has become one of the most controversial concepts in social and behavioral sciences, although altruistic behavior and related topics have been successfully studied
Pitirim A Sorokin: The interconnection between his life and scientific work
This article discusses the relationship between two periods of Pitirim A Sorokin’s life, career and scientific work: the Russian period (till 1922) and the American (1923–68). The main sociological
Towards More Socio-Culturally Sensitive Research and Study of Workplace E-Learning
  • K. Remtulla
  • Sociology, Computer Science
    Int. J. Adult Vocat. Educ. Technol.
  • 2010
Given increasingly global and diverse workforces, the research and study of workplace e-learning as a socio-culturally negotiated space may be an alternate approach toward a more socially and culturally informed understanding of adult learning from workplaces e- learning.


Pitirim A. Sorokin: An Intellectual Biography
Pitirim A. Sorokin (1889-1968) was one of the most original, important, and controversial figures in American sociology. His spectacular rise from a peasant childhood in Czarist Russia to the
Deviance and social science: the instructive historical case of Pitirim Sorokin.
  • L. T. Nichols
  • Sociology, Medicine
    Journal of the history of the behavioral sciences
  • 1989
Sorokin and Parsons at Harvard: Institutional conflict and the origin of a hegemonic tradition
The early history of Harvard sociology is closely entwined with the careers and personalities of Pitirim Sorokin and Talcott Parsons. The processes and conditions that led to Parsons's rise and
Sociological Theories of Today
Secondly, this volume marks an evolution in Sorokin's own approach to sociological theory. His earlier work dealt with theory in terms of a school of thought, and for this purpose he used a scheme of
This is my philosophy
Social and Cultural Dynamics : A Study of Change in Major Systems of Art, Truth, Ethics, Law and Social Relationships
This classic work is a revised and abridged version, in a single volume, of the work which more than any other catapulted Pitirim Sorokin into being one of the most famed figures of twentieth-century