Pitfalls in the approach to pica

  title={Pitfalls in the approach to pica},
  author={Maria Fotoulaki and P. Panagopoulou and Ioannis Efstratiou and Sanda Nousia-Arvanitakis},
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We report here a case of pica with the aim of illustrating how a common gastrointestinal problem may be masked and treated as a psychiatric condition. A 12-year-old male was referred to our hospital for anorexia, nausea, vomiting, stool discoloration and weight loss. At 2.5 years of age, he manifested persistent iron deficiency anaemia. At 4 years, he started eating paper and was referred for psychiatric evaluation and follow-up. Six months prior to admission, he underwent psychotherapy. Upon… 
Lithophagia as a clue for celiac disease: a case report and literature review
The case demonstrated the relationship between lithophagia and CD in anemia and in the same cases such as this case should be considered CD as the most important causes of lithophAGia.
Pica: A common condition that is commonly missed - An update review.
Pica is often an overlooked phenomenon and its association with iron deficiency and lead poisoning has been known for centuries and primary care physicians should be aware of pica and proactively seek information about pica in patients that belong to the high-risk groups.
Clay-Like Stool in an Otherwise Asymptomatic Toddler: A Surprising Diagnosis
The case of an otherwise asymptomatic toddler who underwent an extensive investigation because of clay-like stool is presented and the diagnostic workup revealed that CD was the cause.
Xylophagia: a meta-synthesis of the literature
The findings advance the understanding of the positive effects of patients and family members undergoing counseling or cognitive behavior therapy in reducing stress and enhancing coping skills thus, avoiding self-damaging behaviors.
Salt craving syndrome lead to hypertensive urgencies and rapid progression to end stage renal disease in destombes-rosai-dorfman disease: a case report and review of literature
The worldwide average salt consumption per individual per day is reaching around 10 gm/day, which is far beyond the recommended WHO and FDA by about 4 gm and may be more than the actual daily


Pica as a presenting symptom in childhood celiac disease.
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Underlying celiac disease should be considered in children with persistent pica and growth failure even if gastrointestinal disturbances are minimal, and in these cases pica evidently resulted from iron deficiency secondary to malabsorption.
Trichobezoar in a child with concomitant coeliac disease: a case report
We report on a case of childhood coeliac disease presenting with tricophagia and trichobezoar. The combination of obstructive symptoms, severe hypoalbuminaemia and a large abdominal mass detected on
Pica and the obsessive-compulsive spectrum disorders.
Results are consistent with a hypothesis that at least some cases of pica may usefully be conceptualised as lying within a compulsive-impulsive spectrum of symptoms and disorders.
Pica and irondeficiency anemia as presenting symptoms in celiac disease
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