Pitch memory and exposure effects.

  title={Pitch memory and exposure effects.},
  author={Moshe Shay Ben-haim and Zohar Eitan and Eran Chajut},
  journal={Journal of experimental psychology. Human perception and performance},
  volume={40 1},
  • Moshe Shay Ben-haim, Zohar Eitan, Eran Chajut
  • Published in
    Journal of experimental…
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Recent studies indicate that the ability to represent absolute pitch values in long-term memory, long believed to be the possession of a small minority of trained musicians endowed with "absolute pitch," is in fact shared to some extent by a considerable proportion of the population. The current study examined whether this newly discovered ability affects aspects of music and auditory cognition, particularly pitch learning and evaluation. Our starting points are two well-established premises… CONTINUE READING

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