Piriformospora indica: Potential and Significance in Plant Stress Tolerance

  title={Piriformospora indica: Potential and Significance in Plant Stress Tolerance},
  author={Sarvajeet Singh Gill and Ritu Gill and Dipesh Kumar Trivedi and Naser A Anjum and Krishna K. Sharma and Mohammed Wahid Ansari and Abid Ali Ansari and Atul Kumar Johri and Ram Prasad and Eduarda Pereira and A. Upendra Varma and N. Tuteja},
  booktitle={Front. Microbiol.},
Owing to its exceptional ability to efficiently promote plant growth, protection and stress tolerance, a mycorrhiza like endophytic Agaricomycetes fungus Piriformospora indica has received a great attention over the last few decades. P. indica is an axenically cultiviable fungus which exhibits its versatility for colonizing/hosting a broad range of plant species through directly manipulating plant hormone-signaling pathway during the course of mutualism. P. indica-root colonization leads to a… CONTINUE READING
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