Pirfenidone Prevents Capsular Contracture After Mammary Implantation

  title={Pirfenidone Prevents Capsular Contracture After Mammary Implantation},
  author={Matias Gancedo and Luis Alberto Ruiz-Corro and Adriana Mar{\'i}a Salazar-Montes and Ana Rosa Rinc{\'o}n and Juan Armend{\'a}riz-Borunda},
  journal={Aesthetic Plastic Surgery},
Pirfenidone (PFD), a new antifibrotic and antiinflammatory agent, prevents and resolves fibrous tissue. This study evaluated the effect of PFD on adverse events in mammary implants using an animal model. Mammary implantation, the most frequent aesthetic surgery, may present several complications after surgery such as swelling, capsule contracture, hardness, and pain. Wistar rats underwent submammary implantation with either smooth or textured silicone gel implants and were administrated 200 mg… CONTINUE READING