Piracy of Somalia and counter-piracy efforts

  title={Piracy of Somalia and counter-piracy efforts},
  author={Douglas Guilfoyle},
Global Governance of Maritime Piracy: Closing the Legal Gaps
If one adds the pirates themselves and the navies from a capturing state, the list easily extends to six states that are involved, which makes the practical prosecution of maritime piracy highlyExpand
Security Council’s Contribution to the Evolution of the Law of the Sea: Avant Garde or Self-Limitation?
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Institutional adoption and maritime crime governance: the Djibouti Code of Conduct
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International cooperation in combating modern forms of maritime piracy: Legal and policy dimensions
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Piracy and Armed Robbery Against Ships
Piracy is both an historical and a contemporary problem. In the past decade it has also proven to be a legal problem. Under international law, many of the attacks against ships that are commonlyExpand