Piracy in the Public Sphere: The Henry Every Trials and the Battle for Meaning in Seventeenth-Century Print Culture

  title={Piracy in the Public Sphere: The Henry Every Trials and the Battle for Meaning in Seventeenth-Century Print Culture},
  author={Douglas R. Burgess},
  journal={The Journal of British Studies},
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The extinct Calusa tribe as the hegemon of the South Florida in the XVI-XVII centuries: reasons for its military leadership among other aborigines of Florida
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Pirates of Empire: Colonisation and Maritime Violence in Southeast Asia
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The Early Literary Evolution of the Notorious Pirate Henry Avery
Henry Avery (alternately spelled Every) was one of the most notorious pirates of the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries, and scholars have written much about Avery in an effort toExpand
“Bringing the State Back In” to the Empire Turn: Piracy and the Layered Sovereignty of the Eighteenth Century Atlantic
Through most of the seventeenth century, European states used an “imaginary” boundary in the Atlantic referred to as “the line” to cordon off the affairs of Europe from those in the New World. TheExpand
International seaborne piracy and the state : lessons to be learned from history?
Since 1994 worldwide maritime piracy has witnessed an explosion. While data collection has improved, the incidence of piracy has undoubtedly risen as well, particularly in areas of the world markedExpand
Literature, geography, law The Life and Adventures of Capt. John Avery (circa 1709)
While Madagascar had long been known in England as a position on the world map, it was first widely and popularly dramatized as a place within stories of the English pirate Henry Every. A genealogyExpand
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Some Current Publications
JOSEPH ADDISON Syba, Michelle. “After Design: Joseph Addison Discovers Beauties.” SEL 49.3 (2009): 615-635. After noting that early-eighteenth-century criticism emphasizes the overall importance ofExpand


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all, "Captain Kidd and the War against the Pirates" is an epic of adventure on the high seas and a tale of back-room politics on land that captures the mind and the imagination.
Albion's Fatal Tree: Crime and Society in Eighteenth-Century England
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