Piracy and Maritime Security in the Gulf of Guinea: Trends, Concerns, and Propositions

  title={Piracy and Maritime Security in the Gulf of Guinea: Trends, Concerns, and Propositions},
  author={Freedom Chukwudi Onuoha},
  journal={The Journal of the Middle East and Africa},
  pages={267 - 293}
The outbreak of piracy off the coast of the Gulf of Guinea has long been overshadowed by Somali piracy, which has seized the attention of the international community in recent years. With the number of recent incidents of piracy in the region overtaking the number of attacks in the Horn of Africa, this article examines the dynamics of piracy in the Gulf of Guinea in the last two decades. It finds that between 1991 and 2012, a total of 734 pirate attacks took place in the region, with Nigeria… 
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