author={Lynette Owen},
  journal={Learned Publishing},
  • Lynette Owen
  • Published 1 January 2001
  • History
  • Learned Publishing
searchable gateway to preprint servers all across the world which deal with scientific and technical disciplines of concern to the DOE. With a single query, users can search one or a collection of existing preprint servers. The Network pulses the search engines of such servers, compiles the results, and returns them to the users (see http://www.osti.gov/preprint). With the addition of preprints to OSTI’s suite of web products and services, the trilogy of ways in which researchers make their… 
What's in a copy?
I will answer the question "what's in a copy?" by considering three sets of related issues: the importance of copies in academia; in cultural life; and in the economic world. In academia the current
Alternative Communications Networks Throughout History
This report explores the history of alternative communication technologies and networks (“alternets”). It focuses on three historic formations of alternets: 1) the community telephone networks of the
Pirate-states: Imagining the geography of media piracy
  • P. McDonald
  • Sociology
    International Journal of Cultural Studies
  • 2020
Intellectual property (IP) history has long pointed to certain nations as sources of copyright infringement, but these linkages are now systematically produced through annual Special 301 reporting by
Software Piracy Research: A Cross-disciplinary Systematic Review
The findings point to several research opportunities including expanding research at organizational levels with particular emphasis on organizations’ role as consumers and or intermediaries, in Latin America and Africa, which are areas with high incidence of software piracy, and on approaches beyond positivism.
The War on Piracy: Analyzing the Discursive Battles of Corporate and Government-Sponsored Anti-Piracy Media Campaigns
In the wake of increasingly globalized trade initiatives and the proliferation of digital technologies, the issue of copyright infringement has become a subject of keen media attention and a topic of
The Darkest Hour: Private Information Control and the End of Democratic Science
  • Roberto Caso
  • Education
    Palgrave Critical University Studies
  • 2022
The evaluation of scientific research is based on data protected by secrecy and intellectual property (e.g., Elsevier Scopus or Clarivate Web of Sci- ence). The peer review process is essentially
Pirate Narratives and the Colonial Atlantic
  • Alexandra Ganser
  • History
    Crisis and Legitimacy in Atlantic American Narratives of Piracy
  • 2020
This chapter examines the transformation of the Caribbean pirate into a colonial agent on the one hand and an enemy for Puritan society on the other around 1700. It begins with an analysis of
Understanding differences in ethical beliefs and behaviors toward software copying: the effects of organization culture
Students at TechU are significantly more likely to consider unauthorized copying of software to be acceptable and admit to making more unauthorized copies than students at BusU, and there are a number of important differences in the organization culture at the two universities that underlie these variations in attitudes and behaviors.
Joss Winn-Hacking in the university_ed1
In this article I argue for a different way of understanding the emergence of hacker culture. In doing so, I outline an account of ‘the university’ as an institution that provided the material and
Humanly Extended Automation or the Future of Work Seen through Amazon Patents
Amazon’s projects for future automation contribute to anxieties about the marginalization of living labor in warehousing. Yet, a systematic analysis of patents owned by Amazon suggests that workers