Piperidone derivative from Dalbergia sympathetica.


An alcoholic extract of Dalbergia sympathetica, on column chromatography, yielded a compound which analyzed for C(6)H(11)NO(3) (M(+) 145). The IR spectrum of the compound showed the presence of carbonyl and hydroxyl groups. PMR, (13)C and DEPT NMR spectral studies of the compound showed the presence of one N-methyl, two methine and two methylene groups. A quaternary carbon signal at delta 172.88 ppm was assigned to C-2 carbonyl of the compound. From all the above observations and also from the HMQC 2D NMR spectrum, the compound was identified as 3, 6-dihydroxy-N-methyl-2-piperidone. This is the first report of the natural occurrence of this compound from plant sources.

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