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Pipelined Asynchronous Circuits

  title={Pipelined Asynchronous Circuits},
  author={Andrew Lines},
This thesis presents a design style for implementing communicating sequential processes (CSP) as quasi delay insensitive asynchronous circuits, based on the compilation method of [1]. Although hand compilation can always yield optimal circuits to a good designer, a restricted approach is suggested which can easily implement circuits with some slack between inputs and outputs. These circuits are fast and versatile building blocks for highly pipelined designs. The first chapter presents the… 

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Performance estimation and slack matching for pipelined asynchronous architectures with choice

A fast analytical method for estimating the throughput of pipelined asynchronous systems is presented, and the approach is the first to efficiently handle architectures with choice (i.e. the presence of conditional computation constructs such if-then-else and conditional loops).

Asynchronous Linear Pipelines: An efficient-optimal pipelining algorithm

  • E. YahyaM. Renaudin
  • Computer Science
    2008 15th IEEE International Conference on Electronics, Circuits and Systems
  • 2008
A new methodology for optimizing the performance of asynchronous-linear pipelines that determines the minimum degree of pipelining necessary to satisfy a given performance target, but also computes the optimum placement of the pipeline stages to maximize the throughput.

Automatic Compilation of Data-Driven Circuits

The integration into the existing Balsa design flow of a compiler for descriptions written in a new data- driven language is described and it is shown that the data-driven circuit style provides better performance than conventional control-driven Balsa circuits.

A Transistor-Level Placement Tool for Asynchronous Circuits

This paper has presented a design flow for placement of asynchronous circuits at transistor-level considering their timing constraints and there are no restrictions on the number of noncomplementary CMOS circuits in the netlist.

Timing Driven Placement for Quasi Delay-Insensitive Circuits

A-NTUPLACE is presented, a timing-driven placer uniquely suited to handling quasi delay-insensitive circuits, which uses a generalization of repetitive event rule systems to identify critical signal transitions.

Efficient failure detection in pipelined asynchronous circuits

  • Song PengR. Manohar
  • Computer Science, Engineering
    20th IEEE International Symposium on Defect and Fault Tolerance in VLSI Systems (DFT'05)
  • 2005
By augmenting the rails to each data channel and adding extra logic to each circuit module, this paper makes pipelined asynchronous circuits achieve fail-stop with respect to hard or soft errors.

Throughput optimization of quasi delay insensitive circuits via slack matching

This thesis describes two methods for expressing slack matching as a mixed integer linear program (MILP) and shows that this problem is NP-complete via a reduction from subset sum.

Asynchronous Data-Driven Circuit Synthesis

This paper extends previous reported work by illustrating how conditional execution, oft-cited as a problem for data-driven descriptions, is handled within the system, and by a more detailed analysis of the design example.

Pipeline Optimization for Asynchronous Circuits

This thesis proposes a class of reductions that preserve efficiently computable bounds of statistics of time-separation of events (TSEs) and demonstrates the utility of these reductions by reducing a detailed Petri net describing the four-phase protocol of a well-known asynchronous pipeline template into a simpler two-phase architectural-level PetriNet model.

Automatic Slack Matching of Asynchronous Circuits

A methodology for automatic slack matching of QDI circuits utilized in a framework of asynchronous synthesis toolset based on Simulated Annealing method and exploits the advantage of both static and dynamic performance analysis to provide precisely enough results in an acceptable time.