Pionic excitation of giant resonances in 89Y

  title={Pionic excitation of giant resonances in 89Y},
  author={Jacques Arvieux and J. P. Albanese and Michel Buenerd and J. Bolger and E. T. Boschitz and G. Proebstle and Flori Vogler and Kurt Gabathuler and P. A. M. Gram and Jouke Jansen and Richard Evans Mischke},
Abstract Inelastic scattering of π + and π − exhibits strongly excited giant resonance structures. Besides the giant quadrupole resonance centered around 14 MeV, structures are observed at 16.8 MeV which can be fitted with a mixing of L =0 and L =1, and around 25 MeV (E x = 110A − 1 3 ) . 

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