Pinworm Infestation Mimicking Crohns' Disease

  title={Pinworm Infestation Mimicking Crohns' Disease},
  author={Joel Johansson and Simone Ignatova and Mattias Ekstedt},
  booktitle={Case reports in gastrointestinal medicine},
We here report a case of a young man who presented to his general practitioner with diarrhea. Inflammatory bowel disease was suspected and a colonoscopy showed aphthous lesions suggestive of Crohns' disease but biopsies revealed eggs of Enterobius vermicularis. When treated for this parasite, his symptoms were alleviated and a followup colonoscopy revealed a normal colon and distal ileum. Enterobius vermicularis is the most common parasite worldwide and has been attributed with many different… CONTINUE READING