Pinus georginae (Pinaceae), a new species from western Jalisco, Mexico

  title={Pinus georginae (Pinaceae), a new species from western Jalisco, Mexico},
  author={Jorge Alberto P{\'e}rez de la Rosa},
  • Jorge Alberto Pérez de la Rosa
  • Published 2009
  • Brittonia
  • Pinus georginae is described and illustrated as a new endemic species from the valleys in the southern basin of Río Ameca, Jalisco, western Mexico. It is closely related to Pinus praetermissa; however, after studying the cones and anatomy of the leaves in detail, characteristics were revealed that identify P. georginae as a distinct species.ResumenSe describe e ilustra Pinus georginae como una especie nueva, endémica de algunos valles intermontanos al sur del Río Ameca, Jalisco, en el Occidente… CONTINUE READING