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Pinnipeds and El Niño : responses to environmental stress

  title={Pinnipeds and El Ni{\~n}o : responses to environmental stress},
  author={Fritz Trillmich and Kathryn A. Ono},
El Nino is a meteorological and oceanographic phenomenon, which occurs at irregular intervals in the eastern tropical Pacific. Its most obvious characteristic is the warming of surface waters, which causes enormous disturbances of the marine environment. A severe Nino may also affect continental systems worldwide. This book examines the information available on the effects of the exceptionally strong 1982-83 Nino on a group of marine mammals, the pinnipeds. It presents an analysis of the… 
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The blue-footed booby appears to be immune to the expected developmental impact of El Niño on the reproductive value of adult generations, and there was evidence that this resilience was supported by two mechanisms of quality control ofadult generations from El Niño years.