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Pilzbewohnende Limoniidenlarven, unter besonderer Beruecksichtigung von Limonia quadrinotata Meigen (Diptera)

  title={Pilzbewohnende Limoniidenlarven, unter besonderer Beruecksichtigung von Limonia quadrinotata Meigen (Diptera)},
  author={Erwin Lindner},

Description of the xylobiont larvae and pupae of the genus Achyrolimonia (Diptera, Limoniidae)

The larva and pupa of Achyrolimonia basispina (Alex.) and A. decemmaculata (Loew) are described and the morphological characteristics of the genus are defined more exactly.

Macromycete fruit bodies as a habitat for dipterans (Insecta, Diptera)

The complex of Diptera breeding in the fruit bodies of fungi is analyzed and ecological groups of flies are distinguished with respect to the type of feeding and the way of using fungal fruit bodies as habitat.

Limonia crane flies (Diptera: Limoniidae) of Korea.

The Korean species of Limonia Meigen, 1803 crane flies (Diptera: Limoniidae) are taxonomically revised and the previously unknown larva and pupa of L. parvipennis Alexander, 1940 are described.

New data on the larval morphology of limoniid flies of the genus Ula (Diptera, Pediciidae)

Larvae of Ula fungicola Nobuchi and U. succincta Alexander are described for the first time. Diagnosis of the genus Ula Haliday, based on the larval characteristics, is specified, and descriptions of

Crane and Winter Flies (Diptera: Limoniidae, Pediciidae, Trichoceridae) Associated with Fungi in Lithuania

This study revealed one new for Lithuania species of Crane flies – Ula mixta Stary, 1983 and for the first time a trophic relationship between this species of crane flies and fungi was revealed.

New data on morphology and ecology of Limoniid fly larvae of the genus Metalimnobia (Diptera, Limoniidae) developed in fungal substrates

New data on larval biology are given for four species, Metalimnobia bifasciata (Schr.), M. dualis Sav., M. lanceolata Sav., and M. quadrimaculata (L.). The morphology of the larvae of M. dualis Sav.

Redescription and biology of Limonia badia (Walker) (Diptera: Limoniidae)

Limonia badia (Walker, 1848), previously known from the Nearctic Region only, is redescribed from Finland. Its systematic position and biology are currently debated. Limonia indigenoides (Alexander,