Pilus retraction powers bacterial twitching motility

  title={Pilus retraction powers bacterial twitching motility},
  author={Alexey J Merz and M. So and M. Sheetz},
  • Alexey J Merz, M. So, M. Sheetz
  • Published 2000
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Nature
  • Twitching and social gliding motility allow many Gram negative bacteria to crawl along surfaces, and are implicated in a wide range of biological functions. Type IV pili (Tfp) are required for twitching and social gliding, but the mechanism by which these filaments promote motility has remained enigmatic. Here we use laser tweezers to show that Tfp forcefully retract. Neisseria gonorrhoeae cells that produce Tfp actively crawl on a glass surface and form adherent microcolonies. When laser… CONTINUE READING
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