Piloting use of computerized practice tests.


This study piloted the use of computerized practice tests in an undergraduate nursing pathopharmacology course and collected questionnaire data on the students' experiences. Two computer-administered practice tests were available to help students prepare for the course's paper-and-pencil unit examinations. The software testing package, LXR-Test 5.1, was used to generate the practice tests. Twenty-eight students took one or both computer practice tests. Group mean course examination scores were higher for subjects taking the computer practice tests compared with subjects who did not take the computer practice tests, but these scores were not found to be significantly different (P = 0.29; P = 0.07). Final questionnaire results showed students enjoyed taking the computerized practice tests to prepare for course examinations and liked the immediate scoring and test summary printouts. After this experience, students felt more prepared to take the computerized licensure examination. Did students feel ready to take required course examinations via computer in future courses? Responses were mixed.

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