Piloting new ways of working: evaluation of the WILSTAAR Programme.


The current study aims to investigate the reliability and effectiveness of the WILSTAAR screening assessment and intervention programme. It also explores parental perceptions and evaluations of their involvement in the intervention programme. At this stage data collection is incomplete however interim results are presented. False positive rates are slightly higher than expected raising questions regarding the screen's reliability. Numbers are too small at present to report with confidence on the effectiveness of the intervention programme. Results indicate that parents rate their involvement in the WILSTAAR programme in a highly positive manner. The need for further research in this area is highlighted to ensure that early identification and intervention programmes meet the needs of parents and their children.

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@article{Coulter2001PilotingNW, title={Piloting new ways of working: evaluation of the WILSTAAR Programme.}, author={Louise Coulter and Colin Gallagher}, journal={International journal of language & communication disorders}, year={2001}, volume={36 Suppl}, pages={270-5} }