Pilot-scale supercritical carbon dioxide extraction and fractionation of wheat germ oil

  title={Pilot-scale supercritical carbon dioxide extraction and fractionation of wheat germ oil},
  author={Michael J. Eisenmenger and Nurhan Turgut Dunford and Fred J Eller and Scott E. Taylor and Jos{\'e} Luis Mart{\'i}nez},
  journal={Journal of the American Oil Chemists' Society},
There is a need for the development of new processing techniques to facilitate vegetable oil extraction and refining while sustaining the nutritional components naturally present in edible oils and reducing the adverse impact of oil processing on the environment. In this study supercritical carbon dioxide (SC−CO2) extraction and fractionation techniques were examined as alternative methods to obtain wheat germ oil (WGO) of high quality and purity. It was shown that the SC−CO2 extraction… Expand

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