Pilot Study of Melibiose in Patients with Adolescent or Adult-type Atopic Dermatitis

  title={Pilot Study of Melibiose in Patients with Adolescent or Adult-type Atopic Dermatitis},
  author={Izuru Kaneko and Kohsuke Hayamizu and Kyoko Tomita and Hiroto Kikuchi and Taizo Nagura and Norihiro Shigematsu and Tomoyuki Chiba},
  journal={Journal of applied glycoscience},
Melibiose (6-O-α-D-galactopyranosyl-D-glucose) is a disaccharide, a small amount of which is contained in honey and soybeans. It was reported that raffinose, which is a trisaccharide built from melibiose and D-fructose, improved symptoms of atopic dermatitis. A 3-month open clinical study was performed using 31 patients with adolescent or adult-type atopic dermatitis to investigate whether melibiose is also useful for atopic dermatitis or not. In the study, 24 (77%) out of 31 patients showed… 
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Severity Scoring of Atopic Dermatitis: The SCORAD Index
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アトピー性皮膚炎(AD)患者に対するアステミゾール(ヒスマナール®)錠の臨床効果ならびに好酸球数, 血清eosinophil cationic protein(ECP)値, 血清IgE値, 血清LDH値の推移を検討した。登録された症例は102症例であったが, 初診以降の臨床経過が追跡できなかった13例を除いた89例を臨床効果の評価対象症例とした。副作用等の安全性評価は,