Pig Embryonic Pancreatic Tissue as a Source for Transplantation in Diabetes

  title={Pig Embryonic Pancreatic Tissue as a Source for Transplantation in Diabetes},
  author={Dalit Tchorsh-Yutsis and Gil Hecht and Anna Aronovich and Elias Shezen and Yael Zlotnikov Klionsky and Chava Rosen and Rivka Bitcover and Smadar Eventov-Friedman and Helena Katchman and Sivan Cohen and Orna Tal and Oren Milstein and H. Yagita and Bruce R Blazar and Yair Reisner},
OBJECTIVE Defining an optimal costimulatory blockade-based immune suppression protocol enabling engraftment and functional development of E42 pig embryonic pancreatic tissue in mice. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS Considering that anti-CD40L was found to be thrombotic in humans, we sought to test alternative costimulatory blockade agents already in clinical use, including CTLA4-Ig, anti-LFA1, and anti-CD48. These agents were tested in conjunction with T-cell debulking by anti-CD4 and anti-CD8… CONTINUE READING
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