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Piezoelectric versus electrostatic actuation for a capacitive RF-MEMS switch

  title={Piezoelectric versus electrostatic actuation for a capacitive RF-MEMS switch},
  author={G. Klaasse and R. Puers and H. Tilmans},
  • G. Klaasse, R. Puers, H. Tilmans
  • Published 2002
  • Materials Science
  • -In this paper, piezoelectric actuation is compared with electrostatic actuation for application in RF-MEMS switches with respect to actuation voltage and technological implementation. The expression for the actuation voltages of electrostatic and piezoelectric actuation are discussed and compared with respect to scaling. Calculation examples show actuation voltages for a cantilever beam of 1μm thick and 100μm long of 25.0V for electrostatic actuation and 18.9V and 2.39V for piezoelectric… CONTINUE READING
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