Pierre Auger – Lise Meitner: Comparative contributions to the Auger effect

  title={Pierre Auger – Lise Meitner: Comparative contributions to the Auger effect},
  author={Olivier B. M. Hardouin Duparc},
  journal={International Journal of Materials Research},
  pages={1162 - 1166}
Abstract It has been claimed by R. Sietmann that the attribution of the discovery of the so-called ‘Auger’ effect to Pierre Auger was a false attribution and that Lise Meitner should have got the credit for that discovery. However Sietmann himself recognised that Meitner's description of this effect was ‘buried in’ two larger papers whose primary concern was nuclear physics. Sietmann only mentioned Auger's 1925 article and did not mention his 1923 article, an omission now found in many places… 
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