Piecewise linear curvature-compensated CMOS bandgap reference

  title={Piecewise linear curvature-compensated CMOS bandgap reference},
  author={Hong-Yi Huang and Ru-Jie Wang and Shih-Chiang Hsu},
  journal={2008 15th IEEE International Conference on Electronics, Circuits and Systems},
A low-voltage low-power bandgap voltage reference without using passive components is presented. Using piecewise linear curvature-compensated scheme, a reference voltage of 646.4 mV is generated with a temperature coefficient of 1.7 ppm/degC in the range [-40, +125] degC at 1.8-V supply voltage. A line sensitivity of 0.18 mV/V in the supply voltage range [+1, +1.8] V is achieved. It dissipates a maximum power of 4.4 muW at a 1.8-V supply voltage and 125 degC. The silicon area is 100 times 50… CONTINUE READING


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