Picturing Power in the People's Republic of China: Posters of the Cultural Revolution

  title={Picturing Power in the People's Republic of China: Posters of the Cultural Revolution},
  author={Harriet Evans and Stephanie Hemelryk Donald},
  journal={China Journal},
This illustrated book provides an innovative reinterpretation of the Cultural Revolution through the medium of the poster - a major component of popular print culture in China. Using 30 full colour and as many black-and-white reproductions of posters from the University of Westminster collection, an eminent group of scholars explores the discursive power of visual artforms in Chinese public life. The contributors provide an interdisciplinary analysis of political art produced for a Chinese… 
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Visualizing Africa in Chinese Propaganda Posters 1950–1980
  • I. Suglo
  • Sociology
    Journal of Asian and African Studies
  • 2021
This paper examines depictions of Africans in China during the period when China moved to establish diplomatic relations across the African continent – the foundation of what would become