Picturing “Siwilai”

  title={Picturing “Siwilai”},
  author={Leslie A. Woodhouse},
  journal={Amerasia Journal},
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Losing the Remote: Exploring the Thai Social Order with the Early and Late Hanks

ABSTRACT This article challenges the common understanding of Thailand’s ethnic divide as marked by unfamiliarity and an absolute difference between Thai society and the hill tribes in the country’s

Crypto-colonialism, French couture, and Thailand’s queens: fashioning the body politic, 1860–1960

The death of Thailand’s King Bhumibol “Rama IX” Adulyadej on 13 October 2016, although not entirely unexpected given the 88-year-old monarch’s known health problems and protracted hospitalizations,



The Performative State: Semi-coloniality and the Tyranny of Images in Modern Thailand

Previous accounts of the Thai regime of images have been largely ahistorical, presenting the phenomenon as something of a cultural given. This study traces the history of this regime of

Is India Becoming More Democratic?

  • A. Varshney
  • Political Science
    The Journal of Asian Studies
  • 2000
A great deal of confusion exists on how to discuss, and theoretically characterize, political developments in India during the last decade and a half. There is, of course, a consensus that the