Picture processing: 1985

  • Azriel Rosenfeld
  • Published 1986 in Computer Vision, Graphics, and Image Processing


This paper presents a bibliography of nearly 1100 references related to the computer processing of pictorial information, arranged by subject matter. Coverage is restricted, for the most part, to a selected set of U.S. journals and proceedings of specialized meetings. The topics covered include digitization, approximation, and compression; transforms, filtering, enhancement, restoration, and reconstruction; architectures, systems, software, and techniques; pictorial pattern recognition; feature detection, segmentation, and image analysis; matching and time-varying imagery; shape and pattern; geometry; texture; and three-dimensional scene analysis. No attempt is made to evaluate or summarize the items cited; the purpose is simply to provide a convenient compendium of references. 9 1986 Academic Press, Inc.

DOI: 10.1016/S0734-189X(86)80059-7

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