Picosecond ultrasonics with a free-running dual-comb laser.

  title={Picosecond ultrasonics with a free-running dual-comb laser.},
  author={Justinas Pupeikis and Benjamin Willenberg and Fraņcois Bruno and Mike Hettich and Alexander Nussbaum-Lapping and Matthias Golling and Carolin P. Bauer and S. Camenzind and Abdelmjid Benayad and Patrice Camy and Bertrand Audoin and Christopher R. Phillips and Ursula Keller},
  journal={Optics express},
  volume={29 22},
We present a free-running 80-MHz dual-comb polarization-multiplexed solid-state laser which delivers 1.8 W of average power with 110-fs pulse duration per comb. With a high-sensitivity pump-probe setup, we apply this free-running dual-comb laser to picosecond ultrasonic measurements. The ultrasonic signatures in a semiconductor multi-quantum-well structure originating from the quantum wells and superlattice regions are revealed and discussed. We further demonstrate ultrasonic measurements on a… 

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