Picosecond neodymium:yttrium lithium fluoride laser sclerectomy.

  title={Picosecond neodymium:yttrium lithium fluoride laser sclerectomy.},
  author={Howard M. Cooper and Joel S Schuman and Carmen A. Puliafito and Danielle Mccarthy and William John Woods and Neil S. Friedman and Nan Wang and Chao-chien Lin},
  journal={American journal of ophthalmology},
  volume={115 2},
The picosecond neodymium:yttrium lithium fluoride laser, a high-power, short-pulse laser that uses low energy per pulse and has a high repetition rate and a highly coherent energy source of 1,053 nm, was used to perform sclerectomies by an ab externo approach in human cadaver eyes. We evaluated laser settings with regard to full-thickness scleral perforation and thermal damage to surrounding tissue. We studied energy per pulse, depth per burst (a present number of spots), spot and line… CONTINUE READING

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