Pi junction to probe antiphase s-wave pairing in iron pnictide superconductors.

  title={Pi junction to probe antiphase s-wave pairing in iron pnictide superconductors.},
  author={Wei-qiang Chen and Fengjie Ma and Zhong-Yi Lu and Fu-Chun Zhang},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={103 20},
Josephson junctions between a FeAs-based superconductor with antiphase s-wave pairing and a conventional s-wave superconductor are studied. The translational invariance in a planar junction between a single crystal pnictide and an aluminum metal greatly enhances the relative weight of electron pockets in the pnictide to the critical current. In a wide doping region of the pnictide, a planar and a point contact junction have opposite phases, which can be used to design a trijunction ring with pi… 
π-Phase shift at the interface of two pnictide superconductors with antiphase s-wave pairing
We examine the nature of Josephson junction between two identical Fe-pnictides with anti-phase s-wave pairing. pi-phase shift is found if the junction barrier is thick and the two Fe-pnictides are
Junctions with ferromagnetic contacts to probe the pairing symmetry of iron pnictide superconductors
The quantum transport of junctions with an iron-based superconductor (SC) of antiphase s-wave pairing, sandwiched in between two ferromagnets, is studied by the use of an extended
Model prediction of high-temperature π-states in iron pnictide superconductor-insulator-superconductor Josephson junctions
We study the Josephson effect in s±Is± junctions made by two-bands reversed-sign s-wave (s±) superconductive materials. We derive a spectral equation providing the bound Andreev energy states at the
Ferromagnetic proximity effect in a ferromagnet/iron-pnictide superconductor junction
The proximity effect in a bilayer consisting of a ferromagnet (FM) and an iron-pnictide superconductor (SC) with antiphase s-wave pairing is first studied by extending Nambu spinor Green's function
Charge transport through half-metal/iron pnictide superconductors junctions with spin-active interfaces
Based on the extended Blonder-Tinkham-Klapwijk formalism, we study the tunneling spectroscopy in a point contact half-metal/iron pnictide superconductors junctions, allowing for the spin-flip
Josephson effects in iron based superconductors
Just after the discovery of the iron based superconductors (iron pnictides) important differences from the conventional as well as to the high temperature superconducting cuprates were found. The
The Finite Temperature Effect on Josephson Junction between an s-Wave Superconductor and an s±-Wave Superconductor
We investigate a Josephson junction between a one-band and a multi-band s-wave superconductor. When the multi-band lead is an s?-wave superconductor, we find that the critical Josephson current may
Interplay between interband coupling and ferromagnetism in iron pnictide superconductor/ferromagnet/iron pnictide superconductor junctions
An extended eight-component Bogoliubov-de Gennes equation is applied to study the Josephson effect between iron-based superconductors (SCs) with s±-wave pairing symmetry, separated by an ferromagnet
Theoretical analysis of coherent electron transport in structures containing multiband superconductors with different types of superconducting pairing
Coherent electron transport in structures with multiband superconductors described by models of intraorbital (the s± model) and interorbital superconducting pairing has been theoretically considered.
Microscopic theory for phase-sensitive experiments to determine the symmetry of the order parameter in Fe-based superconductors
We present a microscopic theory for the dc Josephson current, based on the construction of a coherent temperature Green's function in the tight-binding approximation, in junctions with multiband


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