Pi in the Sky

  title={Pi in the Sky},
  author={Ali Frolop and Douglas Scott},
  journal={Math Horizons},
  pages={35 - 35}
Deviations of the observed cosmic microwave background (CMB) from the standard model, known as "anomalies", are obviously highly significant and deserve to be pursued more aggressively in order to discover the physical phenomena underlying them. Through intensive investigation we have discovered that there are equally surprising features in the digits of the number $\pi$, and moreover there is a remarkable correspondence between each type of peculiarity in the digits of $\pi$ and the anomalies… 

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The angular two-point correlation function of the temperature of the cosmic microwave background (CMB), as inferred from nearly all-sky maps, is very close to zero on large angular scales. A

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Comment on 'Pi in the Sky' by Frolop and Scott: They Lie

Frolop and Scott (2016) claim significant 1-1 correspondence between anomalies in the cosmic microwave background (CMB) and the digits of pi, which they call 'Pi in the Sky'. They have without

Loophole-free Bell test using electron spins in diamond: second experiment and additional analysis

It is found that the winning probability per trial in the CHSH game can be bounded knowing only the mean of the RNG bias, which implies that the experimental result is robust for any model underlying the estimated average Rng bias.



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  • 1914

This is the method used at David Bailey's site pi.nersc.gov, where one can search for one's name in the first 4 billion binary digits of π. The fact that the word 'hot

    A selection of such claims

    • Roukema B.F., et al.,
    • 1995

    Emphasized by Michael Hartl as part of a claim that 2π is more than twice as good as π

      Of course you could easily trick people by claiming to know all the odd digits of π, and then simply reciting '1, 3, 5

        Speaking of which, the phrase 'Pie in the sky' was coined by Joe Hill in his satirical song 'Long-haired Preachers'

          This study can easily be extended to a much larger number of digits

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