Pi — Unleashed

  title={Pi — Unleashed},
  author={J{\"o}rg Arndt and C. Haenel},
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Origins of Integration
Zur Irrationalit\"at in der Schule
Irrational numbers are introduced usually already introduced in lower secondary level schools. But typically, maybe with the exception of $\sqrt{2}$, no mathematical proof of irrationality isExpand
Integració de funcions racionals i π
El número π denota el quocient entre la longitud d’una circumferència i el seu diàmetre i és indubtablement una de les constants matemàtiques més famosa i fascinant. Als científics els encanten lesExpand
The General Relativistic Perspective
  • David Taylor
  • Physics
  • 2021
This paper formulates additional General Relativistic [G.R.] equations. They do not contradict General Relativity. They examine the deductions of Dr. Einstein from a relativistically distortedExpand
Anniversary of Notation for Number π
Arctangent Formulas and Pi
Abstract Using both geometrical and analytical approaches, new multivariable formulas connecting the arctangent function and the number π are produced.
The probability of intransitivity in dice and close elections
Intransitivity often emerges when ranking three or more alternatives. Condorcet paradox and Arrow's theorem are key examples of this phenomena in the social sciences, and non-transitive dice are aExpand
An actor model of concurrency for the Swift programming language
An extension to the Swift programming language which enables access to concurrent capabilities and provides an api for supporting such interactions and adopts the ACTOR model of concurrent computation to show how it can be successfully incorporated into the language. Expand


The quest for PI
This article gives a brief history of the analysis and computation of the mathematical constant $\pi = 3.14159 \ldots$, including a number of the formulas that have been used to compute $\pi$ throughExpand
Year Search Changes Direction
  • Education and Research,
  • 2000
A simple formula for pi
Decrypted secrets - methods and maxims of cryptology
This 3rd edition of "Decrypted Secrets" has become a standard book on cryptology and has again been revised and extended in many technical and biographical details. Expand
Many Correct Digits 01 'Tr, Revisited
  • American Mathematical Monthly,
  • 1997
On the Khintchine constant
It is shown that each of these constants can be cast in terms of an efficient free-parameter series, each series involving values of the Riemann zeta function, rationals, and logarithms of rationals. Expand
Pi: A Source Book, Springer-Verlag
  • New York,
  • 1997
Ramanujan’s Notebooks: Part V
The Joy c;f 'Tr
  • (Cited on p
  • 1997
Schnelle Berechnung der komplexen Quadratwurzel aul hohe Genauigkeit
  • Logos Verlag, Berlin,
  • 1996