Phytotoxicity of metabolites formed by Fusaria to cereal seedlings

  title={Phytotoxicity of metabolites formed by Fusaria to cereal seedlings},
  author={W. Wakuliński and Jerzy Chelkowski},
  journal={Mycotoxin Research},
Phytotoxicity of 37 isolates of seven species ofFusarium has been studied. Metabolites of tested species exhibited signficantly different phototoxicity towards cereal seedlings. Germination was in greatest extent inhibited by metabolites ofF. subglutinans, in smallest extent by metabolites ofF. tricinctum /respectively 50% and 8%/. The growth rate of wheat seedlings was most strongly retarded by metabolites ofF. crookwellense, metabolites ofF. tricictum inhibited growth in the lowest percentage… CONTINUE READING

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