Phytotoxicity and accumulation of lead in Australian native vegetation.


Lead (Pb) is a wide spread contaminant in the terrestrial landscape. It is highly detrimental to plant and animal life and possesses no known biologic function. Yet there is a paucity of reliable information available on the response of Australian and other plant species to Pb exposure at phytotoxic doses. In this study, the response of three Australian… (More)
DOI: 10.1007/s00244-009-9460-2


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@article{Lamb2010PhytotoxicityAA, title={Phytotoxicity and accumulation of lead in Australian native vegetation.}, author={Dane T Lamb and Hui Ming and Mallavarapu Megharaj and Ravi Narayan Naidu}, journal={Archives of environmental contamination and toxicology}, year={2010}, volume={58 3}, pages={613-21} }