Phytoremediation of chromium by model constructed wetland.

  title={Phytoremediation of chromium by model constructed wetland.},
  author={Catherine Mant and Sylvia F. Costa and J Graham Williams and Elias Basile Tambourgi},
  journal={Bioresource technology},
  volume={97 15},
Chromium is a pollutant present in tannery wastewater, its removal is necessary for protection of the environment. Penisetum purpureum, Brachiaria decumbens and Phragmites australis were grown hydroponically in experimental gravel beds to determine their potential for the phytoremediation of solutions containing 10 and 20 mg Cr dm(-3). These concentrations, similar to tannery wastewater after initial physico-chemical treatment were used with the aim of developing an economic secondary treatment… CONTINUE READING

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