Phytohormone control of the tobacco anionic peroxidase promoter

  title={Phytohormone control of the tobacco anionic peroxidase promoter},
  author={Karen L. Klotz and L Mark Lagrimini},
  journal={Plant Molecular Biology},
The tobacco anionic peroxidase gene encodes the predominant peroxidase isoenzyme in the aerial portions of tobacco. Three kb of the peroxidase promoter was joined to the coding region of theEscherichia coli β-glucuronidase gene (GUS), and transiently expressed in tobacco mesophyll protoplasts in the presence or absence of plant growth regulators. Benzyladenine, ethylene, and gibberellic acid did not affect peroxidase gene expression. Abscisic acid slightly inhibited expression at high… CONTINUE READING