Phytoecdysteroid profiles in seeds of Sida spp. (Malvaceae).

  title={Phytoecdysteroid profiles in seeds of Sida spp. (Malvaceae).},
  author={Laurence Dinan and Phil Bourne and Pensri Whiting},
  journal={Phytochemical analysis : PCA},
  volume={12 2},
Procedures are presented for the assessment of the phytoecdysteroid profiles in small plant samples (ca. 25 mg), using seeds of Sida spp. as an example. The procedures are suitable for the analysis of minute or valuable samples and provide copious information for chemotaxonomic purposes. Methanolic extracts of the plant material, after partitioning against hexane, were separated by reversed-phase gradient HPLC monitored by PAD, RIA and bioassay. Aliquots of the fractions were also treated with… CONTINUE READING

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Sida tuberculata (Malvaceae): a study based on development of extractive system and in silico and in vitro properties

Brazilian journal of medical and biological research = Revista brasileira de pesquisas medicas e biologicas • 2016

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