Phytoconstituents from Vitex agnus-castus fruits.

  title={Phytoconstituents from Vitex agnus-castus fruits.},
  author={Shao-Nong Chen and J Brent Friesen and Donna Webster and Dejan Nikoli{\'c} and Richard B van Breemen and Zaijie Jim Wang and Harry H. S. Fong and N. R. Farnsworth and Guido F Pauli},
  volume={82 4},
A new labdane-diterpene, viteagnusin I (1), together with 23 known phytoconstituents were isolated from the fruits of Vitex agnus-castus L, and their structures characterized by spectroscopic methods (NMR and MS). The known compounds include ten flavonoids, five terpenoids, three neolignans, and four phenolic compounds, as well as one glyceride. Biological evaluation identified apigenin, 3-methylkaempferol, luteolin, and casticin as weak ligands of delta and mu opioid receptors, exhibiting dose… CONTINUE READING