Phytochrome-mediated uptake of calcium in Mougeotia cells

  title={Phytochrome-mediated uptake of calcium in Mougeotia cells},
  author={Erwin Dreyer and Manfred H. Weisenseel},
Ca2+ is proposed to function as a messenger in such phytochrome-mediated responses as localized cell growth, intracellular movements, and control of plasma membrane properties. To test this hypothesis, the uptake of Ca2+ in irradiated and non-irradiated regions of individual threads of the green alga Mougeotia was studied with the aid of 45Ca2+ and low temperature autoradiography: 10–20 cells within 40–60 cell-long threads were irradiated for up to 1 min, transferred to darkness for 3 to 10 min… CONTINUE READING