Phytochrome action in Oryza sativa L.


The mechanical properties of the cell wall were measured in coleoptiles of totally etiolated rice seedlings. Coleoptiles were either decapitated or briefly exposed to red (R) and/or far-red (FR) light. The elastic and plastic extensibilities of the cell wall changed with age (length) of the coleoptiles. Decapitation and exposure to R induced changes in… (More)
DOI: 10.1007/BF00387176


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@article{Masuda1968PhytochromeAI, title={Phytochrome action in Oryza sativa L.}, author={Yoshio Masuda and C J Pjon and Masaki Furuya}, journal={Planta}, year={1968}, volume={90}, pages={236-242} }