Phytochemistry: Ibuprofen-like activity in extra-virgin olive oil

  title={Phytochemistry: Ibuprofen-like activity in extra-virgin olive oil},
  author={Gary K. Beauchamp and Russell Sj Keast and Diane W. Morel and Jianming Lin and Jana Pika and Qiang Han and Chi-ho Lee and Amos B. Smith and Paul A S Breslin},
Newly pressed extra-virgin olive oil contains oleocanthal — a compound whose pungency induces a strong stinging sensation in the throat, not unlike that caused by solutions of the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug ibuprofen. We show here that this similar perception seems to be an indicator of a shared pharmacological activity, with oleocanthal acting as a natural anti-inflammatory compound that has a potency and profile strikingly similar to that of ibuprofen. Although structurally… CONTINUE READING
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