Phytochemical Investigations of Crown of Solanum melongena fruit

  title={Phytochemical Investigations of Crown of Solanum melongena fruit},
  author={Anushree Tiwari and Rajesh Singh Jadon and Piyush Tiwari and Satish P. Nayak},
  journal={International Journal of Phytomedicine},
The crown of Solanum melongena was removed from fruit, dried, extracted and percentage yield was calculated. Phytochemical examination of the methanolic and aqueous extracts showed the presence of alkaloids, saponins, steroids, tannins/ phenolics, flavonoids, proteins and carbohydrates. It was concluded that the extracts of crown contains important constituents for pharmacological activities. Keywords: Solanum melongena ; eggplant; phytochemical screening; Crown 

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The above food crops can be used as antibacterial agents in addition to their nutritional values, and both the n-C6H14 and CH3CH20H extracts of Solanum melongena fruit and Moringa oleifera leaves showed greater antibacterial activity at a higher concentration of 20% of crude extract.
Phytochemical, antioxidant, brine shrimp lethality and antiproliferative analyses of Solanum dasyphyllum schum. & thonn. leaf and fruit extracts [Solanaceae]
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The antimicrobial activity of n-C6H14 and CH3CH2OH extract of Solanum melongena fruit and leaves of Moringa oleifera
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Hepatoprotective Effect of Solanum melongena/Eggplant against Acute Hepatitis
Solanum melongena fruit infusion has hepatoprotective effects against acute hepatitis in rat model histopathologically, and the percentage of necrotic hepatocytes in group III, IV a nd V were lower than in the positive group.
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SMB115 × DBL02, PB66 × Pant Samrat and IBWL 2001-1 × Pant Rituraj were showed highest Specific Combining Ability (SCA) effect for most of the characters and these cross combinations could be commercially exploited for higher yield.
Effect of Solanum aethiopicum and Solanum macrocarpon Fruits on Weight Gain, Blood Glucose and Liver Glycogen of Wistar Rats
Both eggplants exhibited a dose-dependent, weight-reducing effect on the rats and showed significant hypoglycemic effect, which could be exploited to mitigate the challenge of obesity.


Effect of alkaloids of Solanum melongena on the central nervous system.
Crude alkaloidal fraction isolated from the leaves of Solanum melongena exhibited significant analgesic effect and some CNS depression but no anticonvulsant action and LD50 was estimated to be higher than 1 g/kg i.p. in mice.
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The 3-O-glucosylation of steroidal sapogenins and alkaloids in eggplant (Solanum melongena); evidence for two separate glucosyltransferases
Abstract UDP-glucose:diosgenin and UDP-glucose:solasodine glucosyltransferase are present in leaves, stems, roots and ripening seeds of garden eggplant (Solanum melongena). These two enzymes share
Antioxidant activity of nasunin, an anthocyanin in eggplant peels.
The findings suggest that nasunin is a potent O(2)(-) scavenger and has protective activity against lipid peroxidation in rat brain homogenate and against malonaldehyde and 4-hydroxyalkenals.
Antioxidant activity of nasunin, an anthocyanin in eggplant.
It is demonstrated that nasunin is a potent O2*- scavenger and iron chelator which can protect against lipid peroxidation and hydroxyl radical scavenging by nasunin.
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