Phytochelatin systhesis and cadmium uptake of Brassica napus.

  title={Phytochelatin systhesis and cadmium uptake of Brassica napus.},
  author={A. Selvam and Jonathan Woon-Chung Wong},
  journal={Environmental technology},
  volume={29 7},
Soil contamination with cadmium (Cd) poses risk to human health. Metal hyperaccumulator plants play an important role in phytoextraction of heavy metals from such contaminated sites. Accumulation of Cd and its influence on the induction of phytochelatins in Brassica napus was investigated. Brassica napus plants were grown in nutrient culture with 1 and 5 microM Cd for 10 days. The biomass negatively correlates with Cd concentration in the nutrient solution and the reduction in dry weight was… CONTINUE READING

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