Phytobezoar formation: a new complication of cimetidine therapy.

  title={Phytobezoar formation: a new complication of cimetidine therapy.},
  author={Trent W. Nichols},
  journal={Annals of internal medicine},
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  • T. Nichols
  • Published 1 July 1981
  • Medicine
  • Annals of internal medicine
Excerpt Cimetidine, a histamine 2 (H-2) receptor antagonist of acid secretion, is a popular and well-accepted treatment. Its therapeutic efficacy in gastric ulceration (1), reflux esophagitis (2), ... 

Ranitidine: a new H2-receptor antagonist.

The treatment of peptic-ulcer disease has been dramatically altered by the introduction and use of cimetidine and this substituted imidazole compound is an effective H2-recepto...

Gastric emptying and bezoars in Japanese

Factors other than a delay in gastric emptying are the main contributors to bezoar formation, in Japanese.

Bezoars--when the 'knot in the stomach' is real.

Likelihood of bezoar formation is increased in patients who has undergone gastrointestinal surgery, and patients who have had gastric reduction for morbid obesity may form a high-risk population.

Oral administration of spermine inhibits gastric acid secretion in rats

Data suggest a therapeutic potential for the naturally occurring polyamine compounds in pylorous ligated rats and an inverse relationship between the efficacy of oral spermine and age of the animals was observed.

Trichophytobezoar Without Gastrointestinal Complaints

The clinical diagnosis suggested lymphoma or gastric cancer with secondary masses in the cervical lymph nodes, but the diagnosis ultimately proved to be tubercular lymphadenitis on biopsy and gastric trichophytobezoar on endoscopy and laparotomy.

Gastric and enteric phytobezoars caused by ingestion of persimmon in equids.

In equids with gastric persimmon phytobezoar, medical management (including administration of cola or diet cola and dietary modification to a pelleted feed) may allow for persimMon phytobzoar dissolution.

Small Bowel Phytobezoar Obstruction in a Post Gastrojejunostomy Patient – A Case Report

A rare radiological finding of phytobezoar obstruction is reported in a patient, who underwent gastrojejunostomy operation, and the patient was treated surgically and had an uneventful recovery.

Tricobezoar gástrico: relato de caso e revisão da literatura

A case of a voluminous gastric trichobezoar observed in a 16-yr-old adolescent with abdominal pain and palpated mass in the epigastrium and biopsies of this ulcer showed to be negatives for neoplasy.

Small Bowel Phytobezoar Obstruction in a Post Gastrojejunostomy Patient – A Case Report

The experience reported in the following section is representative of this entity of small bowel obstruction from ingested plant matter in patients in whom gastrojejunostomy was performed.