Phytoaccumulation of heavy metals by aquatic plants.

  title={Phytoaccumulation of heavy metals by aquatic plants.},
  author={M Kamal and Ahmed Ghaly and Nagat S. Mahmoud and Raynald C{\^o}t{\'e}},
  journal={Environment international},
  volume={29 8},
Three aquatic plants were examined for their ability to remove heavy metals from contaminated water: parrot feather (Myriophylhum aquaticum), creeping primrose (Ludwigina palustris), and water mint (Mentha aquatic). The plants were obtained from a Solar Aquatic System treating municipal wastewater. All the three plants were able to remove Fe, Zn, Cu, and Hg from the contaminated water. The average removal efficiency for the three plant species was 99.8%, 76.7%, 41.62%, and 33.9% of Hg, Fe, Cu… CONTINUE READING