Physiotherapy services to special education in the Australian capital territory.

  • D N Moyle
  • Published 1979 in The Australian journal of physiotherapy


Child Health Physiotherapy Services in the A.C.T. have involvement with children in special education placements. The children range in age from birth to twelve years and exhibit neurological and developmental handicaps from minimal to profound. These services are provided to a number of different areas: an early intervention centre; three special schools for intellectually handicapped children; Junior Assessment Classes and Learning Centres in selected government schools; children with sensori-motor dysfunction from pre-schools and mainstream classes in primary schools. Children cannot be considered in isolation from the community in which they live. Physiotherapy is part of a total interaction to benefit the whole child by the family unit, doctors, other health professionals, teachers and counsellors.

DOI: 10.1016/S0004-9514(14)61219-8

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