Physiology of the Meishan boar.

  title={Physiology of the Meishan boar.},
  author={Donald D. Lunstra and Jason J. Ford and John M. Klindt and Thomas H. Wise},
  journal={Journal of reproduction and fertility. Supplement},
Onset of puberty (sperm production) occurs at a much younger age (56-84 days) in Meishans than in conventional boars (120-180 days). Throughout postnatal development, Meishans exhibit markedly higher (two- to ten-fold) concentrations of serum FSH, LH and androgens compared with conventional boars, and these high hormone concentrations are maintained at maturity. Increased gonadotrophin concentrations occur only in Meishan males, since concentrations in female Meishans and conventional females… CONTINUE READING
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