Physiology and Endocrinology of the Ovarian Cycle in Macaques.

  title={Physiology and Endocrinology of the Ovarian Cycle in Macaques.},
  author={Gerhard F. Weinbauer and Marc O Niehoff and Michael Niehaus and Shiela Srivastav and Antje Fuchs and Eric J B van Esch and John Mark Cline},
  journal={Toxicologic pathology},
  volume={36 7S},
Macaques provide excellent models for preclinical testing and safety assessment of female reproductive toxicants. Currently, cynomolgus monkeys are the predominant species for (reproductive) toxicity testing. Marmosets and rhesus monkeys are being used occasionally. The authors provide a brief review on physiology and endocrinology of the cynomolgus monkey ovarian cycle, practical guidance on assessment and monitoring of ovarian cyclicity, and new data on effects of social housing on ovarian… CONTINUE READING