Physiological studies in the black yeasts


A collection of 159 strains of “black yeasts” obtained from a number of culture collections and a wide variety of substrata was studied. Morphologically, four species were present:Phialophora jeanselmei with a mycelium that produced radulaspores and also phialides;Sclerophoma pithyophila, which produces pycnidial initials and sometimes pycnidia in culture… (More)
DOI: 10.1007/BF02052579


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@article{Cooke1963PhysiologicalSI, title={Physiological studies in the black yeasts}, author={Wm. Bridge Cooke and George S. Matsuura}, journal={Mycopathologia et mycologia applicata}, year={1963}, volume={21}, pages={225-271} }